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Our outsourcing firm professionally assists domestic companies get the most out of the Credit and Collection functions.   We were founded in 1985 and are Accounts Receivable Consultants.  A. Daniels Consultingtm is a trade-marked name of A. Daniels Company, or ADC.  Our goal is to increase your cash flow, relieve the worry, apprehension and    (read more)

Services and Benefits

Credit and Collections - By applying years of experience, we act as the part-time Credit and Collection Department for your firm.  An experienced individual can increase cash flow and improve customer relations by:

  • Regularly contacting assigned past due due accounts for payment, with all checks going directly to you.  This gets the debtors into the habit of paying more promptly; identifies problems and converts them to cash; and provides a buffer so that you can deal with other matters.
  • Perform credit checks on new and established accounts, suggesting flexible credit lines.  (read more)

Reorganizing and Training - ADC can reorganize and/or train your Credit and Collection Department to be more effective.  ADC analyzes these areas and the "personality" of your company.  Then we structure (read more)

Mergers and Acquisitions - ADC evaluates the quality of the target firm's Account Receivable in a merger or acquisition.  (read more)

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Depending on your needs, a highly trained professional can be on site or off site of your facility.