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About A. Daniels Consultingtm

Our outsourcing firm professionally assists domestic companies get the most out of the Credit and Collection functions.   We were founded in 1985 and are Accounts Receivable Consultants.  A. Daniels Consultingtm is a trade-marked name of A. Daniels Company, or ADC.  Our goal is to increase your cash flow, relieve you of the worry, apprehension and anxiety about your investment in Accounts Receivable, with a high benefit to cost relationship. 

ADC is not a collection agency.  We get involved shortly after a customer becomes past due.  By applying verbal and written communication we attempt to identify the reason for non-payment, find a solutions and receive payment.

 In today's business environment virtually all firms extend credit, yet it is one of the least understood of all the business disciplines.  Credit and Collection polices that are properly managed result in more profit. 

Extensive use of phone calls, letters, Emails and possibly personal visits are the tools that increase cash flow.